Monthly Archives: March 2015

Take a bow

In your working day, pause for a moment. Bring to mind ten things which you are grateful for. Count them on your fingers. Stretch yourself to really get to ten things. Find the tiny unnoticed elements, the little gems hidden in a day. Mindfulness Program by Liz Witherspoon at Simplicity Coaching.
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Well-being is a leadership strategy – Deepak Chopra

Do you like what you do each day and are you motivated to achieve your goals Do you have supportive relationships and love in your life Are you managing your economic life to reduce stress and increase security Do you like where you live, do you feel safe, and do you take pride in your…
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Our song

The circumstances of our life bring us certain motifs, tasks to fulfill, difficulties we must face, and lessons to learn. We turn these into our story, our song. As we listen deeply we can hear what part we have chosen, how we have created our identity in the face of the mystery. Yet, we must…
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