Monthly Archives: August 2016

25-27 Nov Retreat: Navigating life’s transitions

NAVIGATING LIFE’S TRANSITIONS. LIFE AS A WILDERNESS EXPERIENCE Weekend Silent Retreat by Korumo Coaching Solitude Retreat Centre in the KZN Midlands 25 to 27 Nov 2016 You are at a crossroads at work and want to trace a new path for yourself. Perhaps you sense that there is more to life and know that something…
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Korumo joins Arctic Fox Talks

We are a proud partner of Arctic Fox Talks, a staff wellness programme for companies.  Arctic Fox offers a menu of talks ranging from stress management and healthy conflict to finance, nutrition, and dance.  Korumo talks include mindfulness at work, releasing habits, deep listening & intuition, igniting the fire within, and Arctic Fox: a journey…
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Mindfulness at work: decelerating in a fast-paced world

What would it be like to feel at your best at work? To feel focused and grounded, to communicate with clarity and calm, to feel connected to each other, have a sense of purpose, and be aligned in what you say and do. Imagine.  In a recent talk at a company, staff agreed that work…
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