Heidi van Rooyen

Heidi van Rooyen combines science, coaching, and creativity in her work as executive director in a large research organization and Professor in Public Health. She leads research programmes that explore the intersections of health, gender identity, poverty and inequality, to inform policy and practice. Heidi juggles her leadership responsibilities with the academic demands of publishing, conferencing, and generating ideas for research. Central to this balancing act is a daily writing practice. Heidi is a certified coach, runs retreats and workshops on contemplative writing practice, and walked the Camino in Spain. In Sep 2018, Heidi van Rooyen and Monique Salomon will be at Solitude Retreat Centre in the KZN Midlands to lead a Writing Retreat: finding voice through the body and breath.

We are an associate of Thoughtsmiths, a coaching company that offers high quality strategic support and training to organizations. We provide support to the lead-trainers in Transforming Insight Coaching Skills, and promote coaching skills to accelerate impact in the social justice sector.

We provided facilitation support to Ellen Sprenger, CEO of Spring Strategies, and her team with HIVOS Southern Africa in Harare during Spring Forward, a training and coaching programme in Financial Resilience.

Monique Salomon is a speaker for Arctic Fox Talks, a programme of inspiring talks for leaders and their teams to promote a positive work-culture in which all can thrive.