Atafeinam Abalo (PhD)

Atafeinam Abalo is a leadership coach based in Togo, West Africa. Ata has a PhD in Geology, is President of AFEMET Association of Women Mining and Business in Togo, and a lecturer in geotechnics and mining at the University of Lome. She is a role model for girls and women in Africa, being one of the few Togolese women working in a male-dominated sector. Ata is one of the gender coaches of the GIZ team.

Thembela Njenga

Thembela Njenga is a trained coach, experienced process facilitator, and economic justice activist. She is the founder of Womaniko, focusing on diversity and women in the workplace. With over 20 years in the development sector, local and international, her expertise includes policy, advocacy, campaigns, M&E, and CSO management. Thembela has an MA Policy and Development, BCom Hons Industr Psych, and BCom Hons Econ. Her clients include local and international NGOs, and private sector.  Thembela is part of the GIZ team of gender coaches.

Wambui Njuguna

Wambui is a development professional with more than twenty years of experience in leadership and management of development programmes, capacity enhancement, and value chain analysis. She is a strategic thinker with excellent facilitation skills at multistakeholder level. Wambui has a wide network in Kenya and the wider East Southern African region, and worked on assignment in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbambwe, Ghana, and South Sudan. Wambui is part of the team of gender coaches, contracted by GFA who is the implementing agent for GIZ's CAADP ATVET and ATVET4W programme.

Christine Guchu

Christine Guchu is the Director of WMG Management Consultants Ltd and an Integral Master Coach™ based in Nairobi, Kenya. She coaches CEOs from civil society, the private sector and government in East Africa. She has over 24 years of experience as strategy consultant and trainer, developing turn-key strategies and support-structures through organizational development and as Integral Master Coach™, especially for leaders and board members. Because of her intuitiveness and outstanding facilitation skills, her strategic making processes have had breakthrough and sustainable results. Christine was one of the gender coaches to the GIZ team.

Berenice Meintjes

Berenice, also known as Bear, is a clinical psychologist with more than 20 years experience in management and consultancy in the non profit sector in Southern and East Africa. She has developed and edited learning materials on trauma counseling, psychosocial support for children and youth, supervision, and financial management. Berenice has facilitated programme evaluations in the region for local and international organisations. She has facilitated numerous training workshops in Africa, Germany, Austria, Hungary and Iraq. Bear Meintjes and Mo Salomon compiled for Iranti a Leadership and Wellness Self-study Guide for leaders of transgender- and intersex organizations. Together with GenderDynamix they articulated Organizational Competencies for a Trauma Transformative Professional Practice. Mo pilot tested these Competencies with trans-leaders at the 4th Regional TransHealth Conference held in Johannesburg.

Heidi van Rooyen (Prof)

Heidi combines science, coaching, and creativity in her work as executive director in a large research organization and Professor in Public Health. She leads research programmes that explore the intersections of health, gender identity, poverty and inequality, to inform policy and practice. She juggles her leadership responsibilities with the academic demands of publishing, conferencing, and generating ideas for research. Central to this balancing act is a daily writing practice. Heidi is a certified coach, runs retreats and workshops on contemplative writing practice, and walked the Camino in Spain. in 2018 Heidi and Mo ran a successful Writing Retreat at Solitude Retreat Centre.

Mo Salomon is an associate of Spring Strategies. In 2018, they provided facilitation support to CEO Ellen Sprenger in Harare for HIVOS Southern Africa during Spring Forward, a training and coaching programme in Financial Resilience.

Mo Salomon is an associate of Thoughtsmiths, a coaching company that offers high quality strategic support and coaching skills training. Through this partnership, Korumo Coaching for Transformation seeks to promote coaching as leadership skill in the social justice sector.

Mo Salomon is a speaker for Arctic Fox Talks, a programme of inspirational talks and workshops for leaders and their teams to promote a positive work-culture in which all can thrive.