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KORUMO RUN/WALK FOR CHANGE Through Korumo Run/Walk for Change we raise funds for a just cause and get fit doing so. We run (and walk) because it makes us feel strong and confident. Running reminds us that we can push through any difficulty. Our first just cause was Iranti-Org, an African queer media and advocacy…
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Coaching Gender Transformative Leaders in agriculture in Africa

Monique Salomon has teamed up with coaches Christine Guchu (Kenya) and Dr Atafeinam Abalo (Togo), to support the GIZ German International Cooperation's programme on Agricultural Technical Vocational Education and Training for Women in Africa (ATVET-W). We offer coaching and mentoring to the multi-country team on their journey as Gender Transformative Leaders in agriculture in Africa.…
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A Zen approach to conflict resolution

When we agree with others, we are just listening to our own story. Our skill as communicator really shows up when we disagree with others. As coach and strategic facilitator I work mostly with social justice organizations. One would expect that activist leaders would be skilled in addressing conflict. In truth, I know very few…
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PhD Coaching

Consciously navigating your PhD journey I have personally found pursuing a PhD a deeply challenging journey, both mentally and emotionally. I was lucky to have supervisors who were very supportive. They were interested in my topic, excited about my writing, and encouraging when I hit the wall of doubt and writer's block, again and again.…
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