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A Zen approach to conflict resolution

When we agree with others, we are just listening to our own story. Our skill as communicator really shows up when we disagree with others. As coach and strategic facilitator I work mostly with social justice organizations. One would expect that activist leaders would be skilled in addressing conflict. In truth, I know very few…
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PhD Coaching

Consciously navigating your PhD journey I have personally found pursuing a PhD a deeply challenging journey, both mentally and emotionally. I was lucky to have supervisors who were very supportive. They were interested in my topic, excited about my writing, and encouraging when I hit the wall of doubt and writer's block, again and again.…
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Health Justice: Embodying the Warrior with Heart

A series of workshops at Pan Africa ILGA 4th Regional Conference in Gaborone 2-4 June 2018 by Jabulani Pereira, Iranti-Org & Monique Salomon, Korumo Coaching for Transformation. Activist leaders need skills and capacities of a different kind. Young people face many challenges ranging from bodily trauma, political and safety fears, feeling unaffirmed in families and…
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Self-care Rehab for Leaders

BUILDING RESILIENCE OF SELF AND THE ORGANIZATION Do you recognize any of these patterns: You feel exhausted, irritable, or ill-tempered Your social life and/or relationships are suffering You have lower back problems, high blood pressure, and/or other physical complaints You have given up on exercise You eat poorly You struggle to sleep or sleep a…
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