Coaching for transformation

You are at a crossroads in work or life. You feel unsettled or stifled in your creativity. You want to grow leadership or find your organization’s cutting edge.

At Korumo we are passionate about working with people and organizations who feel that their life and work could be so much more than it currently is. Coaching creates a safe space to slow down, reflect, and redirect your energies.

coaching-squareWe offer life coaching for adolescents and adults, workplace coaching, executive coaching, performance coaching, 360 leadership assessments, and coaching for PhD researchers. We also offer strategic facilitation, multi-stakeholder Dialogues, diversity monitoring at Conferences, and nature-based retreats. You can also book us for motivational talks on leadership, mindfulness, and navigating change.

As coaches we engage you in structured conversations that inspire you to shift patterns that hold you back, create breakthrough moments and conscious actions that bring out your best. In our approach, we also use mindfulness, the Enneagram, and body-awareness as possible tools to help you navigate your unique path.

Our coaching conversations help organizations to navigate transition from pioneering to professionalism, to grow shared leadership, deepen development practice, stimulating professional behaviours, promote diversity and inclusion, and help find your organization's cutting edge.

A coaching journey usually comprises a series of 12 sessions. Individual sessions take 1 hour every two weeks, face-to-face, or on-line. Organizational coaching processes are tailor-made and combine team coaching with executive and staff coaching to accelerate performance and inspire shared leadership.