Korumo Living Change

Live life at its most brilliant edge

You completed a coaching journey, joined a retreat, workshop or Korumo talk. Through Korumo Living Change we offer on-going support and inspiration on your journey of change.


"Well-being at work is a leadership strategy", says Deepak Chopra. People thrive when mind and body are cared for. These non-profit organizations are leading the way. You can join any of our Korumo Yoga classes in Pietermaritzburg:

  • Monday 13-14 at INR, 67 St Patricks Rd
  • Tuesday 13-14 at AFRA, 123 Jabu Ndlovu St
  • Wednesday 7:45-8:45 at UKZN Hexagon Theatre, Golf Rd

Cost R50 per session (1st session free)

More info: monique@korumo.org, +27 (0)83 3012936

Whether you are a beginner or experienced yogi or have physical restrictions, you will feel the benefits. We start with basic breathing and postures that ground and strengthen. As your body settles into the movements, your mind quiets down. Self-care builds resilience. Come try it out and stretch yourself in new ways.


Through Korumo Run/Walk for Change we raise funds for a just casue and get fit doing so. We run because it makes us feel strong and confident. Running reminds us that we can push through any difficulty.

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