Korumo Living Change

Well-being is a leadership strategy - Deepak Chopra

You completed a coaching journey, went on a retreat, joined a workshop, or heard a talk by Korumo Coaching for Transformation. Now live life at its most brilliant edge. Through Korumo Living Change we offer on-going support and inspiration on your journey of change.

Yoga at work

In the busyness of life, we often feel we can’t afford downtime. Yet, to be at our best we need to shift to lower gear regularly. Brain science tells us that when we go slow, we can be truly creative, think out-of-the-box, and find new ideas to old challenges. The Association for Rural Advancement (AFRA), a land rights NGO in Pietermaritzburg, understands that staff perform well when mind and body are cared for.  As part of our coaching programme, Korumo Coaching runs lunch hour yoga. Join us every Tuesday from 1-2pm at AFRA's Mindful Attic, 123 Jabu Ndlovu St, Pietermaritzburg. R50 per session. Sign up now


Korumo Run/Walk for Change

Through Korumo Run/Walk for Change we raise funds for a just cause and get fit doing so. We run (and walk) because it makes us feel strong and confident. Running reminds us that we can push through any difficulty.

Team #RunForIranti

In 2015 and 2016 Korumo Coaching for Transformation teamed up with Iranti-Org to raise funds for trauma counselling and well-being of staff. Team #Runfor Iranti completed the 10km Mandela Marathon race, and added the 10km & 21km #SowetoMarathon races in 2016.


Donate for trauma counselling and well-being for Iranti-Org

Who looks after the young African queer activists after they have packed up their film equipment, interviewed survivors of violence, filmed scenes of murder and rape, and pushed the police to interrogate suspects? Iranti-Org is an African queer media and advocacy NGO based in Johannesburg. We #RunForIranti because we want to stop hate in the world. The stories of lesbian, transgender and intersex people must be heard. In this video executive director Jabu Chen Pereira tells why Iranti's work is worth your support.

Donate now

iranti-org-logoYou can also donate via PayPal on Iranti-Org's website or via EFT to First National Bank, Iranti-org, current account nr  62417019602, Rosebank branch 253305, swift code FIRNZAJJ. Please email us proof of payment so we can track your donation. Like our Facebook page to get updates and training tips, and post news and photos of your running/walking group. For more info contact monique@korumo.org , +27 83 3012936 or gugu@iranti-org.co.za , +27 74 6489371