My need for coaching came at a time when I needed support to make a career move and I was confused, scared and in pain. Coaching would provide me with the impetus to ‘do the homework’ to work through change. I found that my internal process was the really important part. It needed the coach to help me listen to the deep inner yearnings of my soul space and to help me surface, make meaning of and connect this to a direction. And for this I am deeply grateful.

Jenny Bell, director Justice and Women,

You created a safe environment to share and feel validated in the group sessions and individual coaching. The contemplation, music, and energy you brought made us feel comfortable and willing to participate fully.  You provided us with the confidence, grace and space to learn about ourselves, and to work hard to improve. We tried to take our insights directly into all of our Process Facilitation work – we have and it is making a difference.

Staff, Pietermaritzburg Agency for Community Social Action,

The staff retreat provided a safe space to get to know each other better and speak our mind. The different activities and exercises enabled us to go in-depth into issues we face daily and work on professionalism. You helped us delve into sensitive issues, reflect on how we do things, and take the organisation to the next level. I would like to thank you very much and highly recommend you to others in the sector.

Anthony Waldhausen, director Gay & Lesbian Network

It has been a wonderful road of exploration in areas where I had become stuck, and to find creative possibilities for growth. Your coaching style has been an amazing mixture of gentle attentiveness and enthusiastic adventurousness. You helped me to recognize and express the more subtle layers of my inner being. I do believe that I am an agent of my own change, and can already see the impacts of that change.

Sharon Grussendorff, co-founder and spiritual director Solitude Retreat Centre