The team coaching helped us as group and individuals to explore issues in the work place and prepare for the future. It has been really beneficial to reflect more, listen more, and respond rather than react. Thank you for making us think, act, and self-reflect positively. You helped us to unleash the dynamic power of change that is within us.

Staff, Tatham Art Gallery, http://www.tatham.org.za

Coaching training helped us as a team to see the best in each other and work with, instead of against, each other. We value and appreciate that everyone brings a different view and perspective. Coaching is about allowing space for the coachee to enter into a thinking space to find own solutions and insights. Thank you for your presence, sense of humour, your listening and demonstrating good coaching through excellent questions!

Staff, Dlalanathi, http://www.dlalanathi.org.za

My expectations were more than met! I was very skeptical of coaching, but have gained more from the process than I could ever have imagined. I have been able to move forward with purpose and focus and, most importantly, with joy!

Hilary Kromberg-Inglis, Creative Director of Jive Media Africa, http://www.jivemedia.co.za

My need for coaching came at a time when I needed support to make a career move and I was confused, scared and in pain. Coaching would provide me with the impetus to ‘do the homework’ to work through change. I found that my internal process was the really important part. It needed the coach to help me listen to the deep inner yearnings of my soul space and to help me surface, make meaning of and connect this to a direction. And for this I am deeply grateful.

Jenny Bell, director Justice and Women, https://www.facebook.com/Justice-and-Women-Zululand-South-Africa-328388023953465/