“Well-being is a leadership strategy”, says Deepak Chopra.

Investing in well-being in the workplace is not only a nice-to-have, it also makes business sense. Happy workers are better people, more liked, less prone to stress, and more productive. The leadership of forward thinking organizations understands this.

I invite you to ask yourself: what can I do to give my best self to the world? I truly believe that happiness is within our reach. As we face life’s ups and downs, we can choose to resist and reject what is difficult and painful, or we can accept and embrace knowing that we will come out stronger the other side.

In reflecting on your well-being, which area in your life is calling your attention: your love life, resources to live comfortably, where you live, how you treat your body, or your desire to make a difference. Have a closer look at what has washed up on your shore. Will you accept it as a gift, and find out what it has come to teach you?