A series of workshops at Pan Africa ILGA 4th Regional Conference in Gaborone 2-4 June 2018 by Jabulani Pereira, Iranti-Org & Monique Salomon, Korumo Coaching for Transformation.

Activist leaders need skills and capacities of a different kind. Young people face many challenges ranging from bodily trauma, political and safety fears, feeling unaffirmed in families and at the same working towards charting a future. We want to create spaces for young activists to plan and work on personal in political intentions and leave with renewed personal and activist goals. At the PAI Conference we will offer daily 45 min workshops to become warriors with heart. We teach you exercises for body, mind, and heart to become more resilient. Teaching ourselves how to find refuge and peace in a time of pain and distress. Learn to notice your physical, mental, and emotional reactions and responses, and work with these skillfully. Recognize and use your personal power in adverse circumstances. Learn to act wisely and develop life-affirming responses to persistent threats to person, group, and community. Come join us.