PhD Coaching

Consciously navigating your PhD journey

I have personally found pursuing a PhD a deeply challenging journey, both mentally and emotionally. I was lucky to have a supervisor who was very supportive. He was interested in my topic, excited about my writing, and encouraging when I hit the wall of doubt and writer's block, again and again.

Most PhD candidates are not that lucky. That is why I offer PhD coaching. How do you find your way through the ups and downs of writing for a PhD? How can you find routines that work for you, overcome recurring stumbling blocks, and shift unhelpful habits in navigating your journey?

We can start right away with a series of individual coaching sessions. Or get a group of 4 together or more, and I offer you a 20% discount.

Contact me on or 083 3012936

Purpose: PhD candidates are confident and enabled in navigating their PhD journey (supported by supervisors who tap into their students’ potential).


  • Awareness of work style and habitual patterns that enable and constrain work progress
  • Recognizing hurdles in reading and writing, and strategies for overcoming these
  • Self-mastery in navigating this deeply personal journey
  • A peer support group to draw on and encourage each other

What is coaching

A coaching journey involves a series of structured conversations. We ask powerful questions that bring awareness to entrenched patterns and inspire you to act in new ways. I also use mindfulness and body-awareness. As coach I believe you are best placed to find solutions that work for you. You are in the driver seat. My role as coach is to support and encourage you, challenge and stretch you, and cheer you on. Read my blog post about how coaching differs from therapy

Your commitment

As PhD candidate you are self-motivated and value the introspection that coaching adds to supervision. You are pro-active and make each session count. You push yourself to find out what is holding you back and develop habits that propel you towards the finishing line.

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