Coaching and facilitating on-line has become our new normal. At Korumo we were able to pivot to virtual facilitation, and getting up-skilled as part of the first cohort of @SpringStrategies High Impact Virtual Facilitation intensive. A few weeks into “lockdown” we landed our first contract for online stakeholder consultations in Southern Africa. This was followed by a second in Asia, and a third in the Pacific. We also launched a series of Korumo Virtual interactive talks. Here are some insights we gained along the way:

    1. Bring the technology in the room

    2. Human connections are made with video ON

    3. Work with the power of 3: virtual navigator, lead facilitator, and process monitor

    4. Keep it focused and fresh with regular breaks, energizers, and music

    5. Have a minute-to-minute navigation guide

    6. Embrace technical glitches as part of the process

    7. Less words, more visuals

    8. Use different tools and platforms to stimulate interaction (Google slides, Zoom polls, Mentimeter)

    9. Leave no one behind by recording your sessions and sharing docs on Google drive

    10. Share content beforehand, use the session to process, and ask precise questions.