I believe that in life when you heed the call of the wild there is no turning back, and as you persevere you will come through the wilderness transformed. At a recent Arctic Fox Talks pop up event, my friend, psychologist Dylan Evans really inspired me with his talk on midlife. I hope he will inspire you too.

Midlife crisis as invitation to reconnect

Within each of us is a unique, creative self that if we engage with we feel a sense of life, creativity, playfulness and meaning. It is this capacity that we see and love in children because they are still able to play and be open, alive, unique, and uncensored.

However, as adults we often lose contact with our unique self as we try and meet the demands of life. We try and please our parents, achieve at school, forge a career, raise children, be a good spouse. If we lose contact with this unique self, emptiness, depression and meaninglessness often start to emerge as messengers that all is not well. This can break forth with painful vigour in midlife when we start to realise that our time on this earth is limited, and realise that all we thought would create meaning has not. A crisis emerges as we try and impulsively search for what will take the emptiness away. Often these attempts can be misguided and harmful as we search in the wrong places such as material possessions, affairs, being a workaholic or reliving an adolescent search for identity.

However if we are able to tolerate this discomfort, resist the temptation to act out and turn within, we can reconnect with our unique self and make wise changes that enable us to be more creative, playful and meaningfully connect with the world around us.

Dylan Evans, Clinical Psychologist

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