Are you at a crossroads in work or life? Feeling unsettled or stifled in your creativity? You want to grow as a leader, or make a career change?

Individual coaching creates a safe space to slow down, reflect, and redirect your energies. We offer life coaching for adolescents and adults, career coaching, gender coaching (see Case Study), and PhD coaching.

We engage you in structured conversations that inspire you to shift patterns that hold you back, create breakthrough moments and conscious actions that bring out your best. In our coaching, we also use mindfulness, the Enneagram, and body-awareness as possible tools to help you navigate your unique path.

PhD Coaching: consciously navigating your academic journey

Pursuing a PhD is not only an academic endeavour, it can also be an emotional rollercoaster. Many post-graduate candidates can attest that breakthroughs in thinking and writing are preceded by moments of crippling self-doubt, facing down your inner critic, and other unpleasant encounters with oneself. Coaching can help you to overcome stumbling blocks, find routines that work for you, and shift unhelpful habits in navigating your PhD journey. We also offer coaching to PhD cohorts.



We inspire leaders to organize for impact and transformative change.


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