Ten insights in virtual facilitation

Coaching and facilitating on-line has become our new normal. At Korumo we were able to pivot to virtual facilitation, and getting up-skilled as part of the first cohort of @SpringStrategies High...

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Showing up for work each day

Showing up for work each day in these unsettling times is not easy. I have put together a few ideas for a healthy work routine. Let me know how you go. Stay safe, Mo...

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We have moved

Still serving KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa and beyond. We are an international team of coaches who inspire leaders to organize for impact and transformative change.

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Making social justice my business

My story as activist entrepreneur My name is Mo Salomon. I am the founder and Chief Navigator at Korumo Coaching for Transformation. I started coaching in 2014. It was an unexpected turning point in...

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10 Principles in Coaching

The other day, one of my clients wanted to know how to make marketing calls with impact. Coaching type conversations could be helpful, I suggested, and drew a quick sketch of a conversation flow....

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Korumo Run/Walk For Change

KORUMO RUN/WALK FOR CHANGE Through Korumo Run/Walk for Change we raise funds for a just cause and get fit doing so. We run (and walk) because it makes us feel strong and confident. Running reminds...

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A Zen approach to conflict resolution

When we agree with others, we are just listening to our own story. Our skill as communicator really shows up when we disagree with others. As coach and strategic facilitator I work mostly with...

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PhD Coaching

Consciously navigating your PhD journey I have personally found pursuing a PhD a deeply challenging journey, both mentally and emotionally. I was lucky to have supervisors who were very supportive....

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Self-care Rehab for Leaders

BUILDING RESILIENCE OF SELF AND THE ORGANIZATION Do you recognize any of these patterns: You feel exhausted, irritable, or ill-tempered Your social life and/or relationships are suffering You have...

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Group coaching for PhD candidates

Consciously navigating your PhD journey   Pursuing a PhD is a deeply personal journey that stretches you mentally and emotionally How do you find your way through? This coaching programme can...

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20-22 Oct Weekend retreat

Navigating life's transitions as wilderness experience Solitude Retreat Centre in the KZN Midlands Life changed my plans for August, and I had to postpone this weekend retreat. I was pushed into a...

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Is coaching the new therapy?

Coaching is the in-thing, at least for an increasing number of leaders, socially acceptable, and cool enough to mention casually at a dinner party. Yet coaching is not always well understood. What...

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Wilderness Retreat 20-22 Oct at Solitude

You are at a crossroads at work and want to trace a new path for yourself. Perhaps you sense that there is more to life and know that something has to shift. Or maybe you just need time-out to clear...

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Korumo joins Thoughtsmiths

Hundreds of conversations take place in your organisation daily. Change the conversation, change your organisation Monique Salomon of Korumo Coaching for Transformation has joined hands with the...

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The Arctic Fox Talks again: Midlife crisis

I believe that in life when you heed the call of the wild there is no turning back, and as you persevere you will come through the wilderness transformed. At a recent Arctic Fox Talks pop up event,...

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Happiness at work

“Well-being is a leadership strategy”, says Deepak Chopra. Investing in well-being in the workplace is not only a nice-to-have, it also makes business sense. Happy workers are better people, more...

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Korumo joins Arctic Fox Talks

We are a proud partner of Arctic Fox Talks, a staff wellness programme for companies.  Arctic Fox offers a menu of talks ranging from stress management and healthy conflict to finance, nutrition,...

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Reflect on your leadership

Trent Gilliss, co-founder of the popular podcast series On Being, poses five critical questions to reflect on leadership: - Can you take a reprimand without blowing up? - Can you take a turndown...

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Body-Mind IQ

Much of our leadership behaviour is embodied. Yet many of us live in our minds and "out of our body". Fortunately, you can increase your body awareness or body-mind IQ. Tune into your body through...

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Mastering power and love

"As leaders we don't need to choose between power or love, we do both. We make connections and get things done", says Adam Kahane of REOS Partners. A leader makes a love move to foster mutual...

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Instilling a coaching culture

The essence of coaching is individual freedom. Coaching enables us to reclaim our power & responsibility to live a fulfilled life. This power & responsibility is intrinsic to our very being....

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Take a bow

In your working day, pause for a moment. Bring to mind ten things which you are grateful for. Count them on your fingers. Stretch yourself to really get to ten things. Find the tiny unnoticed...

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Our song

The circumstances of our life bring us certain motifs, tasks to fulfill, difficulties we must face, and lessons to learn. We turn these into our story, our song. As we listen deeply we can hear what...

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Chocolate meditation

A delicious introduction to Mindfulness by Andy Puddicombe. Chocolate-Meditation-from-book-Mindfulness-Finding-Peace-in-a-Frantic-World  

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Poem by Mary Oliver

TODAY Today I'm flying low and I'm not saying a word. I'm letting all the voodoos of ambition sleep. The world goes on as it must, the bees in the garden rumbling a little, the fish leaping, the...

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