The month of April we explored identity. “Who am I?” and “Who am I in the world?” are questions that accompany us on our lifelong journey of discovery: through the friends we have, how we grow and develop, who we love, how others perceive and label us, and in our personal reflections when we are alone. Identity is what makes us unique.

Sometimes, there is a misalignment between our inner experience and expression, and the world’s perceptions and reactions to us. Mo Salomon, our Chief Navigator, gives an example: “When I am travelling, I am most reminded that I don’t fit the gender-binary. Is it a choice I made? Yes and no! Growing up I never fit into the girl-mould; it felt like a straitjacket that suffocated my spirit. Several years ago, I bumped into non-binary as identity. It has a better fit, loose and undefined. I like it, it’s more me”.

Identity has the power to unite us and to divide us. Our identities have both an individual and a collective dimension. Our identity makes us part of other people who are like us. This can be positive as it gives us a sense of belonging. It can also divide us and lead to ‘othering’, actively discriminating or being discriminated against because of our differences.

We use the genderbread person to explore identity and intersectionality, you can find an explainer video on Instagram.

At KORUMO we aim to create safe and empowering spaces in which we can challenge binary ‘either/or’ thinking, invite and uphold diversity in opinion, allow tension and conflict to surface, and have courageous conversations to break new ground.

Self-awareness is key to diversity and inclusion at work and at home. The better we understand ourselves, the easier it is to bring our unique value proposition to every space we enter, and to co-create a sense of belonging to all.

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