Last month, we looked at the transformative power of setting intentions. This month, we zoom into the art and science of focus.

In film, a focus puller is someone who adjusts the focus of a camera, to ensure that all shots are sharp and well-defined. This is done by deliberate and rhythmic adjustment of the camera lens, seamlessly zooming in to capture intricate details, and then gently pulling back to reveal a broader perspective. Similarly, in mindfulness practice we are invited to draw our focus inward creating a meditative experience. “Indeed, there are parallels between focus in film and in life”, says Phumzi Manana in her video clip.

We shared some pro-tips from clients and associates on how they bring focus in their work. You can find these tips on Instagram.

Focus is one of the elements of mindful leadership. A mindful leader is present and fully engaged in the current moment, leads with self-awareness and emotional intelligence, and has a non-judgmental attitude. The benefits of mindful leadership include reduced stress, enhanced decision-making, and improved employee well-being.

Our associate, Christine Guchu-Katee, shared a Focus-practice: to make a small change in life or work, choose one aspect to concentrate on for a few weeks. As you focus this month, pick something simple and doable and engage with lightness and curiosity and you will begin to see results. 

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