This 2024 Year of the Dragon forecasts innovation and growth. This is accompanied by the need for forgiveness and peaceful solutions. People and organizations are called to shift from self-interest that separates, to being inspired by purpose that connects.

Purpose-driven organizations are led with intent. Leading with intent requires self-awareness, deep listening, and inspiring others to create a better future.

In conversations with Associates we explored what intention means to us.

Intention sets us on the journey of change. It prompt us to act, to keep on moving, and be reminded when we drift off in a different direction. Intention is the internal compass that keeps us on track and holds us accountable.

As coaches and facilitators we support individuals, organizations, and social movements to clarify their intention and to commit to take steps towards the future they desire. This moving for change will cause ripples that grow larger and larger, and make waves.

The Free2Lead Fellowship creates a space for activist leaders to reflect, learn, and be more intentional as collective in advocating for LGBTIQA+ rights and inclusion. Watch the video here

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