At KORUMO we support our clients as drivers of their own change, and encourage them to “Stay Curious”. This is one of the four principles we uphold to create safe and empowering spaces. 


In her book “Go your own way”, philosopher Margit Irgang describes the inner journey as a pilgrimage: to become a pilgrim for personal growth and transformation, to return home a changed person, and to manifest this change in the world. This inner and outer movement is expressed in our logo.


Our Chief Navigator leads Retreats on “Navigating life’s transitions as wilderness experience”. You need courage to let go of the familiar. Once you’ve entered the wilderness, the unknown, you need a curious mind to meet new experiences. And, when faced with difficulty, you need determination to keep going. 


In this month’s conversations, Joscar Oriaro from Kenya shares how she became an activist. She highlights that curiosity is important to remain adaptable in an ever changing world. 


Baerbel Sagi of the German Development Cooperation GIZ, shared that curiosity leads to change. It’s about leaving the beaten track to pursue the road less traveled. 


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