The beauty of transformation is all around us. A single seed planted in the ground germinates and grows into a sapling, and that sapling becomes a tree. We can also experience metamorphosis in our own lives, as we start a new hobby, change careers, or heal from trauma.

In their leadership retreats, Mo Salomon highlights that the journey of transformation requires three things: Courage to let go of the familiar. Curiosity to go into the unknown. And determination to keep going when things get difficult. 

“Curiosity helped me in my journey as a transformative leader”, says Joscar, a Free2Lead alumni. Leaders with a curious mindset can tune into the perspective of others, empathize, and hold space for teams to unlock their full potential, take risks and find innovative solutions.

The transition from one state into a fundamentally different way of being is not without struggle nor pain. Somatic practices can help, says Delphine Oliver. “Becoming aware of our body and tuning into our senses soothes our nervous system and re-energizes us”. This allows us to stay the course. 

Courage to face what has happened to us and re-tell our story is one step in the journey of healing. Phumzi Manana shares the transformative power of Seen&Heard, a methodology she developed for Positive Vibes’ WeLead Programme. The methodology taps into people’s creative side and uses art to reframe their perspective and find their power. Watch the reel here

What is longing for expression in your life? Take a small step. A new you is waiting on the other side. 

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