This month we shift from Intention and Focus to Action. Action is embodying the change you want to see. 

At KORUMO, coaching is an essential ingredient in working with our clients. We support you as the driver of your own change. We follow a sequence of steps and ask questions that help you explore where you are stuck and take action.

Brenda Odera, a thoughtleader in Research Ethics in Africa, shares 6 intentional acts that propel her into Action in work and life. “The actions I take towards my goals determine my success”. Find the video here

In an earlier interview, Dr Kerry Frizelle shared the power of metaphors in pursuing her PhD. These metaphors helped her to stay focused on her vision and the actions she needed to take, especially when faced with challenges. You can watch the full video here

What action can you take today to foster well-being and a sense of community in your life?

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