Our name KORUMO is inspired by the silver fern shoot koru, a Māori symbol for inner growth and strength. The spiral shape of our logo is found in many wisdom traditions and signifies the journey within.

Meditation, pilgrimage, and mountain retreats are ancient ways to find meaning, direction, and clarity of purpose. Yet, a journey of self-discovery does not always require walking miles through the desert. It can start here and now. Phumzi Manana reflects on surfing as a way for self-discovery. Watch her video and see what it evokes in you. 

Coach Anita Simon shared the importance of creating a safe environment for clients to share their stories. “This helps a person to hear themselves, believe in themselves, and take the steps towards being the new person they would like to become”. You can listen to the full interview here

One of the tools we use in our work with leaders is the KORUMO 360 Leadership Assessment. The tool helps you to discover your leadership style and offers a 360 degree view of how colleagues, peers and allies experience you as a leader. The results offer guidance and direction in your coaching journey. Contact us for more information at 360@korumo.org.

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