We define sustainability as creating a ripple effect for transformative change. We can look to nature to see what true sustainability looks like, whether it’s the seasons, the water cycle, or the circle of life. Sustainability is meeting today’s needs without compromising tomorrow.


In her webinar on “Sustainable Activism”, Delphine Oliver shared insights on the rewards, risks and resilience of activists. “Activism is a movement towards oneness and wholeness. By being aware of your window of tolerance you know how much you can handle, when to hand over, and not burn out”. Coach Pierre Buckley confirmed this in a conversation saying that wellness is important to sustain individuals and their organizations. 


As we wrap up the year, we reflect on what we have achieved and how our clients will continue the work we supported them in.


At KORUMO we love to innovate and pioneer new ways to support our clients. This year, we partnered with two multi-media companies to turn some of our training programmes into e-learning modules. In doing so, we helped to realize the vision of GIZ’s Baerbel Sagi of the Green Innovation Centres and Lisa Andrea Adolph of We4D to reach more people in becoming gender-transformative leaders. 


In her interview, Lisa also highlighted the importance of diversity and inclusion of gender-diverse and LGBTIQA+ persons. As Delphine says “This kind of work cannot be done alone, we need to resource ourselves based on rhythms and seasons”. 


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