October marks World Food Day and International Rural Women’s Day. Yet, we are a far cry from achieving prosperity for people and planet, as envisioned in the Sustainable Development Goals. This concern has inspired our theme for this month “Climate, Water, and Agriculture.”

KORUMO works with organisations that strive to combat the impact of climate change, reduce inequality, empower women and other marginalized groups, and ensure sustainable water management. Our support involves stakeholder engagement, strategic facilitation, and leadership coaching.

We had thought-provoking conversations with the Rural Women’s Assembly (RWA), which is hosted by the Trust for Community Outreach and Education (TCOE).

Sharon Chileshe, Secretary of the Rural Women’s Assembly Zambia, shared insights from their work to revive indigenous farming methods and promote indigenous foods. Some challenges they face are women’s lack of access to land, and expropriation of fertile lands by mining companies.

Lungisa Huna, the co-director of the TCOE and co-ordinator of RWA South Africa spoke about their work in land reform and movement building. She highlighted the “One Woman, One Hectare” Campaign that advocates for land ownership by women who  produce 70% of the agricultural yield in rural Africa.

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