wpid-20150718_1726551Much of our leadership behaviour is embodied. Yet many of us live in our minds and “out of our body”. Fortunately, you can increase your body awareness or body-mind IQ. Tune into your body through exercise, dance, yoga, meditation, whatever moves you, literally.

Try this simple exercise at work, in the busyness of the day. All you need is 3 x 30 seconds in a day to take Awareness Breaks:
– Set a timer on your phone or laptop for three times a day
– When the timer rings, pause. Take a deep breath.
– Tune into your body. Do a mental scan from bottom to top, or just notice whatever shows up in you.
No need to analyze, no judgement. Simply note your experience. Then get back to your day. Try it for a week. Notice what shifts in your awareness

Source: MindBodyWise.com

Read more: http://www.forbes.com/sites/hennainam/2014/05/13/lead-with-your-body-in-mind/#70d1b00a12e0